Tidy Kiwi Award.

Tidy Kiwi Award.
C6 children are very proud of the Tidy Kiwi Award. Here we are with our certificate from assembly, standing by our colourful sunflower paintings.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The start of the year.

February 2012

We have 13 terrific children in our classroom. Here are the C6 children at the start of the day. Look at our mat manners!


  1. Hi there C6. I agree, you all have marvellous mat manners. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in your class last week. You were all on your best behaviour and Mrs Norton was very impressed.

    I love your photo!

    Mrs Norton

  2. What a great bunch of smiley faces!
    From Mrs J.

  3. What smiles faces C6,What a beautiful talented bunch of talented kids you have joining you this year Miss Williamson.

  4. Well done C6 kids. You need to come to my my class to show us what it feels like to be sitting up.

    Im just kidding but great sitting up.

    Arahi - C2